You find yourself in a dank, dark, stone built passageway. Some flickering lights, the sound of humming fans and a strange warmth draws you to a room.
Upon entering you are greeted by a friendly, but creepy beast known as The CRYPT DOG.
He offers you some choices:

Here in the crypt

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CRYPT DOG welcomes you to return at a later time as he's been too busy doing crypto-vampire dog stuff to make anything else good enough for you to see yet

Fly to another place

Cosmic Trading Discord
Signals and Analysis (NOT Pump/Dump!)
All the coins, how much they are worth and where to trade 'em

Get Trading!

Binance Gate.IO
An annoying yap can be heard nearby - ugh, it's Domain Dog. Could you go please look at his Domain names to keep him happy? Cheers.

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